Plexiglass is a transparent, thermoplastic material, which is also met under the term "acrylic glass". This material was manufactured on the laboratory at the beginning of the 20th century.

Plexiglass constitutes an alternative of glass, due to the fact tha it is lighter and more resistant to breakage. Today, it is widely used in framing and decoration, while it is provided in a wide range of colours and dimensions.

Moreover, the special polycarbonated glass (plexiglass UV), is lately used in framing instead of museum glass. This type of plexiglass is very resistant, having at the same time the ability to protect from UV radiation in one or both sides. We can find them in transparent or milky colour in a variety of thicness and dimensions. They also come with 10 years guarantee.

ANASTASIOS M. TAOUXIS supplies all the above types of plexiglass in desired colours and dimensions (thickness  from 2 to 20 mm) and undertakes special construction projects.