Being an expert in this type of glass from its early operation, ANASTASIOS M. TAOUXIS GLASS COMPANY constitutes the No 1 supplier of anti-reflective glass (matte) in the Greek market.

What exactly is the anti-reflective or anti-reflective glass (matte)? 

When we use reflective (clear) glass for a picture, the largest part of the external light is difused through the glass on the artwork and next it is reflected back in the eyes of the viewer, where the colours and images are imprinted. From specific optical views the light is directly reflected as by mirrors, creating intense light in the eyes of the viewer, thus destroying the right view of the artwork.

When using anti-reflective (matte) glass on the other side, at least one of its surfaces is not completely smooth, so that the light is difused to all directions, allowing the viewer to enjoy the artwork.

The anti-reflective glass has significant advantages for the presentation of artworks, as with its reflective ability, the pieces of art do not glare when exposed to light. For this reason many artists and galleries choose this type of glass, in order to prevent their artworks from glaring when exhibited.

Anti-reflective glass can be found in two types, depending on the way it is manufactured: Non-reflective (smooth) and non-glare (textured)

Both of the above types can be found in ANASTASIOS M. TAOUXIS, in various dimensions, depending on our customers' requirements.