NIELSEN BAINBRIDGE is one of the world's leading producers of high quality picture framing and museum glass.

The following types of museum glass correspond to the need for large protection from UV radiation and reflections, at the same time preserving the objects inalterable in time. Their cost depends on their degree of UV radiation protection.


ClearColour UV 60

Anti reflective glass with improved features: Comparison with the normal glass

  • Quadruple layering in each side
  • Anti reflective ability: around 98%
  • Reflection: around 1%
  • Basic glass type: extra clear
  • 60% Reduction of UV radiation 



Despite the fact that normal glass has a relatively little reflection (around 8%), Clear Colour UV60 achieves almost no reflection (1%).

Clear Colour UV60 is ideal for picture framing, black & white and coloured photos, as well as embroideries and constitutes the most economically advantageous solution.



ClearColour UV92

Colours durability in time and clear brilliance

A unique combination of UV radiation protection and anti-reflective layering. Permanent protection of the work art from the sun and preservation of shiny and real colours in time.

UV radiation and anti-reflective layering: Comparison with the normal glass 



Ο επαναστατικός συνδυασμός της προστασίας από την ακτινοβολία UV κατά 92% και της μη ανακλαστικής επίστρωσης, μπλοκάρει όλες σχεδόν τις ακτίνες UV, καθώς και τις ανεπιθύμητες αντανακλάσεις, προστατεύοντας και διατηρώντας τα έργα τέχνης αναλλοίωτα στο χρόνο, έναντι του κανονικού γυαλιού που δεν διαθέτει τις ανωτέρω ιδιότητες.