Mirrors, which have been used since ancient times, are manufactured with the application a special layer in the back side of the glass, thus creating reflection.

in this way, mirrors provides us with the ability to watch our idol. Today, they constitute a major choice in decoration, as they give the sense of a bigger and lighter space.  

Apart from their practical use in cupboards, toilets, bedrooms and generally in areas where we want to have the mirage of our idol, mirrors are used in several other ways, such as framed mirrors for wall decoration above furniture, fireplaces, etc., of houses or businesses, as well as in special shapes and designs, so as when combined with the appropriate lighting, they can be the central decoration item of a space. 


The mirrors are usually consisted of 4-6 mm thickness float glass, silver plated on one side. They can be used without frame, provided that they are created by more resistant glass/

ANASTASIOS M. TAOUXIS provides its customers with all types of mirror, in different colours and styles, which can be choosed depending on their use and the style of the space we want to decorate, such as:

  • Clear (thickness: 3, 4, 5, 6 mm) και Fluorine (thickness: 5 mm)

  • Coloured: Bronze, Tinted, Blue, Green, Rosalin, Greece Italia, Persol (thickness: 5mm)


  • Antique: Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos (thickness: 5mm), Erample (thickness: 6mm, Noyer (red, thickness: 4mm), Autumn (gold, thickness: 4mm). 


ANASTASIOS M. TAOUXIS provides all the above types in a variety of dimensions and always in competitive prices, as well as in the edge finishing of your choice.