As pioneer in the field of museum glass, since we it is the first to have introduced this type of glass in the Greek market, ANASTASIOS M. TAOUXIS glass company supplies its customers with the various types of museum glass of the three top companies worldwide: FLABEG, NIELSEN BAINBRIDGE and TRU VUE, thus covering the needs of even the most demanding customers in terms of protection of artwork. It is also exclusive representative of the high quality glass FLABEG ARTControl® for the Greek market.

Today, museum glass is widely used from the largest museums of abroad (Musee du Louvre, Hermitage, Rijksmuseum, Kunstmuseum, Basel, S.R. Guggehelm, Tate Gallery) and of Greece (National Gallery, Benaki Museum, etc.), as well as from photographers, collectors, art conservators, galleries, etc.

Museum glasses are the most sophisticated kind of picture framing glass. Depending on their type, the offer extra features compared to the rest types of picture framing glass.

As commonly known, the exposure in UV radiation, causes colour deterioration, "yellowing" of the picture and alteration of the artwork, which are permanent damages.

Having the largest degree of UV radiation protection and anti-reflection, museum glass protects, highlights and preserve optimally the objects of art. Depending on their type, they can filter the 50% up to 99% of harmful UV radiation. Moreover, their anti-reflective layer absorbs glazing without altering the colours and details of the picture, such as High Definition (HD) Televisions.

In the past, the use of museum glass was unaffordable, since it was sold exclusively in package (of 4 or 5 sheets) and thus it was very expensive. Our company makes the difference, by selling museum glass per piece, exactly cut in the desired dimensions. In this way, we make this unique product affordable, while ensuring the avoidance of any damage during transportation.

With its long experience in the field of glass, ANASTASIOS M. TAOUXIS ensures direct and optimal service, making the use of museum glass easy and affordable.