Man has been using glass for the last 5.000 years. It was used from early years as a packaging material, in constructions, in multiple daily uses. In the Middle Ages, glass was a symbol of wealth and power, since they were found only in the houses of wealthy people. Today however, glass is widely used in many and different uses, such as builidings and houses decoration, food and beverages industry, energy production, etc.

Glass has a uninque dual feature, very significant for the protection of the environment and particularly in the reduction of waste. It can be used many times for the packaging of a product and be recycled without limitation if it brakes. We could indeed eliminate glass packaging waste by fully implementing the reuse and recycling of glass bottles and jars.

Glass recycling contributed to the development of a new economical sector and technology. The collection, transportation and processing of glass which is addressed for recycling, have created thousands of new job positions. Today, there are more than 650.000 points of glass collection in streets, squares and other public places of EU member countries. In parallel, about 100 units related to processing of used glass of  are operating in European level.